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Vampire NippleLift™

Aesthetics, by Dr. Lee

Aesthetics, by Dr. Lee Medical Spa located in Roseville, CA

The Vampire NippleLift™ is a non-surgical treatment to restore sensitivity to the breast, improve the nipple inversion and color of the areola. The procedure can be performed on many patients and not limited to those that have had breast augmentation and lost their nipple sensation or for women that recently completed breastfeeding their babies.

Vampire NippleLift™ Q & A

What is the Vampire NippleLift?

The Vampire NippleLift is a non-surgical method of nipple lifting and correction of nipple positioning. It can be used to correct inverted nipples. The procedure begins with a blood draw. The blood is then specially treated to extract platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood. The platelet-rich plasma is packed full of healing growth factors that can bring about tissue remodeling when they are placed in the right area. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the nipples in a precise way to create the desired changes. Thanks to the healing power of platelet-rich plasma, the nipples will improve in appearance and position. The powerful platelet-rich plasma will encourage the body to create new nipple tissue, including collagen for volume, fatty tissue for smoothness, and new blood vessels.

Who is a good candidate for Vampire NippleLift?

Women who plan to have this procedure must be over age 18 and should be in good general health. The best candidate for the Vampire NippleLift is a woman who isn't happy with the appearance of her nipples. Many women who choose this treatment may have given birth, breastfed their babies, or noticed their nipples starting to point down rather than up as they age. Some women who opt for Vampire NippleLift have always had inverted nipples and simply want for their nipples to finally match. Anyone who wants improved nipple appearance but who doesn't want to go through a major surgery to get it may be the ideal candidate for the Vampire NippleLift. This procedure requires no incisions, no general anesthesia, and no protracted recovery time. Patients won't have to worry about the loss of sensation that can sometimes occur after a major breast surgery. In fact, many women experience a whole new level of sensation in their nipples after they have a Vampire NippleLift.

How does recovery from the Vampire NippleLift work?

The recovery from Vampire NippleLift is very simple. Patients can have the procedure during the day and go back to their regular routine right away. Bruising and swelling can happen but usually resolve quickly within two weeks.